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Welcome to the new format FGDP Yorkshire newsletter. Previously you would have received a newsletter in the post once per year, the new eNewsletter will be sent out 3 times per year and aims to bring you a wide variety of news, opinion pieces, clinical cases and information about the events that the division is organising.


The annual masterclass study day has been a fantastic way for the division to engage with foundation dentists working in the region. We wanted to extend that engagement to dental students and recent graduates to increase their awareness of the work that FGDP Yorkshire does. Working with Leeds and Sheffield dental schools and the Yorkshire and Humber deanery, the division ran an essay competition that was open to all students at the dental schools and to dentists that have graduated within the last 2 years.  

Participants were invited to submit a 1500-word essay on a range of topics: 

  • An elective report
  • A presentation case
  • Specialism v generalism in dentistry
  • A report on a research project
  • The impact of “Montgomery” on consent
  • Dentistry in the age of social media
  • The long term impact of short term orthodontics

We received a large number of high caliber entries and the tasks of narrowing them down to a final winner was difficult. Congratulations goes to Jessica Talbot for her winning entry. Jessica is currently working as an LDFT dentist in Hull. Her research report on the barriers to oral health faced by the homeless population in Leeds is a thought provoking and worthy winner. 

Othman Zuhir, a 4th year student at Leeds and Simon Oldfield, a foundation dentist working at Southey Hill in Sheffield were the runners up and will also have their entries published. Their essays on the impact of Montgomery on consent and dentistry in the age of social media were worthy runners up.

Kenny Strain

Kenny Strain
Editor, FGDP Yorkshire Newsletter

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